DIY Business Credit 4-U Guide

  If you’ve been denied a small-business loan, it might be because you have bad personal or business credit. Forty-five percent of small-business borrowers who get a “no” from creditors are turned down because of their credit scores, according to the Federal Reserve Banks of Dallas, Atlanta, Cleveland and Philadelphia. Borrowers with bad credit might also have higher interest rates, higher insurance premiums and less favorable payment terms with suppliers. A strong business credit profile doesn’t just help you secure a loan; it’s also important for attracting new business. Unlike with personal credit reports, anyone — including potential customers, partners and suppliers — can look at your business credit report. You can get a small business loan despite bad personal credit. But if you take steps first to build your business credit, you’ll qualify for lower interest rates, cutting the total cost of your loan. Here are five steps to build your business credit. For more training, sign up for our intense 8 week training course here.

Business Credit Structuring

Our Business Credit 4 U Program is a customizable program that helps business owners build healthy portfolios to meet their overall financial needs. This package includes a minimum of three trade references, lines of credit and portfolio financing. 



Business Credit Portfolio Editing 

This package includes updating and editing of a currently existing, yet struggling business credit portfolio that already has a paydex score of 80 or more. Here, we ensure that you are able to purchase property and equipment using your business credit profile.



Contracting and Procurement

This package includes any and all registrations needed to secure municipal, federal and/or corporate contracting. Using your already established business credit portfolio of at least $100k, we will assist you will biding and proposal submissions to acquire contracts for your business.


$200/hr Consulting fee. Minimum10hrs/mth

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3 Bureau Credit Reports can be downloaded at or 

To Dispute items on your report, click on the links below.

Transunion Dispute Link

 Equifax Dispute Link

 Esperian Dispute Link

For DIY Credit Repair, we offer counseling to strategically guide you with how to remove items off of your credit report and to ensure that your credit report is accurate with relevant information. 

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