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At JA Consulting and Corporate Tax Solutions, we believe in partnering with our clients for the long term. That means that our work doesn't have to stop after we build your strategy and begin taking action to help achieve your goals. Helping you stay on track over time is just as important as the financing and strategic planning we offer. This is how we can help you get to where you want to be and we satisfy our goals of "navigating businesses into growth".

Business News

In these uncertain times, we know that businesses are in need of up-to-date  information  on how to overcome the challenges of this Covid-19 era. Information on funding deadlines and support will be updated here weekly.  

Business Credit Program

We have developed our own custom business credit training program that will help business owners learn how to DIY when it comes to establishing business credit. We also have lenders who will assist you with getting your initial line of credit.   

Corporate Tax Solutions

Unlike many tax companies, we specialize in business taxes. We can assist business owners with filings, reinstatement, restructuring, changing entity classification and asset protection through strategic structuring.  

Business & Real Estate Funding

We have access to over 7 lenders who mainly fund businesses and their projects such as

residential and commercial real estate, lines of credit, bridge loans, fix-n-flips, mix-use, multifamily, asset based lending and first time investor opportunities. 

Accounting System Set-up

Our team of consultants will assist you with setting up your Quickbooks and Payroll systems. We know that documentation is key to any business to facilitate growth and expansion. Our team will also ensure that you have a cash flow system that puts dollars back into your bank account weekly. 

Non Profit Strategic Planing

Grant funding is the hot topic among tax exempt organizations. Our team will ensure that you have your tax exempt status and lead you and your organization to learn how to perpetually fund your organization. We will coach you and your team on how to write and submit for grants in real time through our nationally known grant writing training program.  

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Business Credit Program

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Nonprofit Grant Writing

3 Bureau Credit Reports can be downloaded at or 

To Dispute items on your report, click on the links below.

Transunion Dispute Link

 Equifax Dispute Link

 Esperian Dispute Link

For DIY Credit Repair, we offer counseling to strategically guide you with how to remove items off of your credit report and to ensure that your credit report is accurate with relevant information. 

CLICK HERE to sign up for the app to start your Credit Counseling.