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We welcome business consultants, lending brokers, Lenders and Corporate Affiliates to partner with us. Our services offer a plethora of opportunities for partners to enjoy a seamless operation. At JA Consulting and Corporate Tax Solutions we understand that finding expert business development professionals is rare, yet greatly needed. We believe in creating long-term relationship building with brokers, lenders and consultants. To best ensure such relationships we believe in providing our partners with exceptional service. We understand that your clients are looking for the best rates and terms available, which is why we are able to match your loan and business structuring request with our network. 

We believe in properly advising clients on strategic business credit structuring before, during and after the loan process. We show clients how to position their business for growth. We believe in educating our partner brokers on all the financing and strategic business options available for their clients, and future clients, so they can make the decision that best benefits the clients' businesses. If you are a loan broker, business broker, business consultant, commercial real estate broker, CPA, vendors, or merchant processor, and are looking for financing for a client, we will value your referral, and promise to work diligently and responsively to fulfill your client's needs.

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3 Bureau Credit Reports can be downloaded at or 

To Dispute items on your report, click on the links below.

Transunion Dispute Link

 Equifax Dispute Link

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For DIY Credit Tips, we offer counseling to strategically guide you with how to remove items off of your credit report and to ensure that your credit report is accurate with relevant information. 

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