5 Steps to Owning Your Financial Power

"If you do what is easy, life will be hard. If you do what is hard, life will be easy. "Far too many times I have witnessed people overcoming financial obstacles while others struggle to understand how to make the right decisions. If you take a closer look at the decisions you made that caused your financial challenges, you would realize that you may have made them while uninformed about financial strategies that could have been implemented. Have you ever heard the phrase, "to have more, you must become more." The same goes with managing your finances. Did you make your financial decisions because of what you're used to doing or because you learned something new? If you did learn something new, the question is did you take that advice or did you resort back to what you know? As a business credit consultant, I have seen clients listen to advice and succeed and clients who drag their feet because of their inability to make a decision. As a former educator, I also understand that some people need long drawn out explanations of how to properly structure their business and personal credit. That's perfectly fine, however the truth is that all the information that we need is already available to everyone. Most people just don't take the time to read, seek advice (and use it), manage their credit or even set business and personal goals. Just to be clear, a goal is an idea with action steps attached. Therefore, when I ask clients about their goals I am expecting that they are ready to implement those action steps. Unfortunately, that's not always true. I believe we get more calls of people who are investigating their situation (which is ok) than people who are ready to overcome their challenges. Remember that it is easy to stay in the situation you're in. It's hard to take a calculated risk and do something about your credit. Those clients who have taken those calculated risks are the ones I have enjoyed assisting. They were able to see the fruit of their labor and benefit from their financial decisions. Others....well, let's just say we will finish when they follow simple instructions. Your financial power is there. You just simply have to OWN IT!

There are 5 steps to owning your financial power.

1. Believe that your financial goals are POSSIBLE

2. Get PAST your fears of credit

3. RESTRUCTURE your mind around personal and business credit

4. Become a STUDENT of personal and business credit


Embedded in each one of the 5 steps are strategies to personal growth that will challenge everything you currently know about building business credit and managing your personal credit. Just as lending institutions know what's not in place after you fill out a loan application, we know what's not in place after an initial consultation/application. We then offer a suggested strategy to get properly structured for funding. Here's where the rubber hits the road. If a client perceives the strategy to be HARD, they will become paralyzed and do nothing or continuously ask the same questions over and over again. If the client perceives the strategy to be EASY, then the client listens and takes ACTION. There's one word that makes all the difference in making decisions. It's PERCEPTION.

There are several quotes about PERCEPTION that reminds us where it comes from. "Lean not to thine own understanding", "Everyone hears only what they understand", "Just because you don't understand it, doesn't mean it isn't so" and lastly "Understanding is an art and everyone is not an artist". In order to overcome obstacles, we must seek wisdom and wisdom does not come from your current understanding. It comes from learned knowledge through advice, studying or trial and error. There is always a risk in making a decision to learn more to accomplish a goal. Unfortunately, most of us have so much fear of finances that we never make the decision to learn, grow and MOVE from our current financial status. What's easy to do is what you have always done. However, if you do what you've always done, you will get what you've always gotten. We get so many referrals of people wanting to properly structure their business by using business credit or obtain real estate loans, but Paredo's Principle kicks in (the 80/20 rule). Eighty percent don't follow through with the process. When this happens, we understand more of why some people have financial challenges in their businesses. Lack of follow through! Believe me, I have been guilty of this myself which is why I know it's a major hinderance on a person's ability to overcome challenges. I don't profess to be perfect. As a matter of fact, it's the mistakes blended with industry knowledge that allows me to offer sound advice. I have the belief that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. It is this posture that allows me to be open to opportunities to help clients overcome financial challenges in their businesses. My goal is to transfer this posture to clients and potential clients.

To hear more of the strategies embedded within the 5 steps to owning your financial power, stay tuned to attend the next speaking engagement listed under "events".

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