Business Credit Tips at The National Conference on Building Sustainable Black Families & Communities

This conference was one of our most monumental experiences in 2021. Having a passion for business development over the last 15 years has brought us to this moment. The moment when we are brought to the table to truly build businesses. Many times, we have shared that it is our purpose to assist business owners with building their capacity to meet the needs of our global black community. Not only did we give back to the business owners who will watch this broadcast, but we benefited as well from the connections and opportunities to collaborate with the city of Topeka as well as the state of Kansas. We are now officially a vendor of both city and state and have positioned our entity bring our resources to Topeka, Kansas. As you will hear, we have a long history of building business credit and eventually offering business credit classes. Since 2013, we began this journey and had no idea that we would be in the position of leadership in several black-owned business communities. From our first face-to-face class in 2018 to our online classes that started in 2019. We are destined to add value to every possible marketplace and grow from every experience we encounter. Thank you to all who will listen, learn and offer constructive feedback; for we know the work that is ahead and the mission that's in our view. Special thanks to Curtis Pitts with the Neighborhood Academic and Athletic Association in Topeka, Kansas for inviting us and promoting the resources we have to support building sustainable black communities through entrepreneurship.

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