Lift Every Voice: Biden's Pseudo Plan for Black America

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

As the presidential candidates rolled out their plans and promises, we took a look at the plan that our new president has laid out for Black America. This plan is like many plans laid before the Black/African American community in years past with the bait-n-switch embedded in the terminology. Notice that the title is “Lift Every Voice: The Biden Plan For Black America”. Without going into too much detail, I want you to ask this question. Why does a plan for “Black America” include language that talks about the disparity of financial resources in the African American community, yet allocates resources to “minorities” and “women-owned” businesses? Given that we live in a litigious society, we must understand and know that every word that is written by a political figure has legal meaning. Who are included as “minorities”? Who are included as a “women-owned” business? Are you to tell me that we now must compete for resources that were purposed for the Black/African American Community? YES! That is exactly what Biden’s plan is stating. But wait….he used the National Black Anthem as part of the title of his plan. Why would he do that and then force us to compete with other minorities and white women? Well, I’m glad you asked that question. Let us table that and decipher a few more of the pages of the plan.

In Biden’s declaration for what this plan will do for “Black America”, he lists 6 bullet points of promises. The first bullet point refers to advancing the economic mobility of African Americans. Later in the plan under this topic, he states that he will double the funding for State Small Business Credit Initiatives.

The 5th bullet point states that he will make the right to vote and the right to equal protection real for African Americans. Remember, I mentioned that all verbiage is legal verbiage? How do you make something “real” that has systemic inequalities that are intangible and is a far reach to mitigate? How do you make a promise to make something “real”? What exactly does that mean? Well, there is no explanation or definition of “real”. I digress.

My question to business owners is… ”Are y