Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment Part 1

Economic Development is the creation of wealth that includes entrepreneurship and education, which fosters the improvement of living standards (quality of life) for a community. An economy encompasses multiple revenues that make communities function effectively in the areas of entrepreneurship, employment, healthcare, and environmental upkeep. To develop an economy, collaborations, financial systems, and community outreach must be embedded in the process.

Entrepreneurship is the beginning of financial independence with opportunities to secure strong family legacies. Our government has favored this activity within its tax and credit systems. Entrepreneurship is a journey of learning about oneself and the systems that foster wealth.

Education is "supposed" to be an applicable process of learning how fundamental concepts assist in the building of families and communities. The U.S. educational system has focused too much on achievement rather than how to apply what was taught/learned to building communities and businesses. That achievement is merely based on the indoctrination of learners. Indoctrination happens when a learner is taught concepts that are adopted as their own truth. These concepts aren't always truth and not always based on facts. Application is being weeded out with every curriculum changes the states approve. We are purposed to redefine education and teach the states how to properly service our communities by setting up learning centers, and institutions that reflect an applicable process of learning.

Now, you may be asking why did we separate those definitions. It is our goal to truly dive deep into the who, what, when, where and how of all topics. To build a sustainable black community, one must learn what makes a community thrive. It is our belief that entrepreneurship is the catalyst to bring about sustainable communities that thrive. When we help a black-owned business to flourish, they are able to feed the community it serves through job creation, true education, community redevelopment activities and recycling resources through institutions that have the same mission. It is our purpose, here at JA Consulting and Corporate Tax Solutions, to serve in this "business development" capacity.

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