The Game of Real Estate Equity and Investment Part 2

Updated: Jul 2

As entrepreneurs prepare for revenue generating opportunities with the coming of the Bayou Classic in April of 2021, there are many strategic options for Shreveport business owners. With the landscape of the lack of revenue drivers in the city, we (entrepreneurs) seek opportunity when others only see disparity. Let’s dive into a few opportunities we have in the city regarding real estate. If you currently own an investment home or are interested in acquiring one, now is the time to prepare for Air B&B ownership and capitalize on Bayou Classic visitors coming to the city. Travelers will typically secure hotel accommodations, however because our city does not regularly host major events, hotel rooms will fill up quickly. Thereby, presenting the opportunity for local residents and real estate investors to structure themselves properly. With that being introduced, let’s look at how financing works.

Commercial lenders offer better incentives and terms than traditional banks. Therefore, commercial lenders have specific types of property uses that appeal to them. One type is Air B&B’s. Commercial lenders look at the value of the property and the longevity of an income producing investment. The question is, “can this property generate passive revenue?” If so, the lender looks at it as a viable investment on their part, if you (the borrower) should default on the loan. Remember, the commercial lender is taking a calculated risk by providing the funding.

Another featured investment property that commercial lenders are attracted to are duplexes, quadplexes and multi-unit apartments. Notice that all of these properties are, again, revenue generating properties that add significant value to a real estate investors portfolio and net worth. To build net worth as an investor, making purchases of properties with passive income is of utmost importance and should be the focus of a serious investor. Relating this to seizing the opportunities in Caddo Parish and the surrounding 70-mile radius, I’m hoping that you are now seeing the opportunities of entrepreneurship to position ourselves as investors in our own communitie